Doesn’t seeing people make you tired? – Method to Strengthen Your Self-Axis

① When You Care Too Much About Others

Those who tire themselves by seeing other people,
is most likely because they care too much about others.

To those people, even if they’re told “not to care so much”,
they still care about others.

There are several causes for those
who care very much about others,
such as unhealed problems or not having enough confidence,

but basically, they are likely to be kind people carrying other people’s points of view.

When you look at the person caring too much about others in energy terms,

They sensitively feel the state or the mind of others,
and change themselves delicately.

Japanese word for caring is translated into “using ki”, literally meaning to use energy.

Those who care too much about others, by using their mind to fit with others,
make a state of existing for others, meaning moving towards the state of not having “self”.

State of not having self, that is, losing your self-axis.
The relationship will inevitably work with the others’-axis.

Then, how can you become able to interact with others
keeping your own self-axis?

This is simply by minding your own self-axis.

② Method to Strengthen Your Self-Axis

Well now, then onto the method to strengthen your self-axis.
It is very easy.

Placing your mind in the center of your head, connecting your mind and your axis.
Your axis, means your backbones.

(1) Imagine that you have your mind in the center of your head.

(2) Connect your mind to your backbones.背骨を接続します。

※In doing so, it will make your self-axis stronger
if you picture in mind your own power flowing in your backbones.

This method is recommended to be done
when you got tired by trying to fit into others,
or even when you are seeing someone and feel that it has become the others’ axis.

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