T-cells Healing – For Improving Aftereffects of COVID-19 and Immune Activity

① T-cells and COVID-19

It is known that those with strong immune systems
are hard to get infected to COVID-19,

but it has been clarified from various recent researches in different countries,
that a factor leading to severe COVID-19 has to do with T-cells.

T-cells are immune cells with a function to find abnormal cells, such as cancer cells or
virus-infected cells, and attack to eliminate them.

From what was listed in The Nature magazine,
those who did not get infected to COVID-19 even while living with those infected,

had higher inner body level of T-cells by having experienced
general cold caused by other corona viruses.

Also, from a research done at Kyoto University,
when the COVID-19 invades into your body and this T-cells do not perform enough,

particles like protein from the virus stays in your whole body,
and it is thought to leave various symptoms.

That means, for the power of T-cells is weak,
the aftereffects of COVID-19 tends to last long.

If so, in order for you to not get infected to COVID-19,
or to recover from the aftereffects of those who got infected or
from vaccines, or just to even live healthily,

keeping your T-cells strong and well can be a valid method.

② Trial of T-cells Healing

Since I am a healer,
I perform healings according to the daily consultations I receive,

but lately, I have been receiving increased number of consultations
on the aftereffects of COVID-19 and vaccines.

Symptoms vary from fatigue and unknown bad conditions,
losing hair or unstable menstrual cycles and sleeping disorders,

but when the conditions are severe, it’s hard to go to work,
and there are people who cannot get outside of their homes.

After finding out in January, that the key to lessening the aftereffects lies in the T-cells,

I have been performing healings focusing on strengthening the T-cells
for these past several months,
I have been receiving good feedbacks gradually.

Healing energies are able to be sent to where it is intended to.
And as narrowing down the target, the stronger the power to be sent.

Therefore, I would like to explain,
how and where the T-cells are being born.

③ About T-Cells

T-cells are a kind of lymphocyte cells that are important immune cells which take a central role of the immune system.
It is shaped like this, so please note this image.

Immune cells are made in the bone marrow and sent out to the body,
but only T-cells get transferred to thymus in amidst differentiation.

And while being educated and matured in the thymus,
they get tested to see if they would work as T-cells.

This test is very hard,
and only 2% of the T-cells are said to actually pass.

T-cells which passed the test will get even more activated in lien.

From this, the most adequate place to strengthen the T-cells
would probably be in thymus, where the T-cells mature,

so the T-cells Healing is performed mainly towards the thymus.

Thymus is located in the center of your chest, right behind your sternum,
in front of your heart, so please remember where that is.

And here, one thing I want you to understand is, that even if you perform
the T-cells healing, it doesn’t mean that the T-cells will get fortified right away.

That is like how it takes time for us to materialize
what we have imagined,

a time lag will occur for T-cells to get fortified.

Performing a healing by focusing on the T-cells, the T-cells start to get activated.
Then, they will start to change little by little after the healing, and gradually get strong.

④ T-Cells Healing

Well then, let me explain the T-cells Healing.
Since the thymus is located where the heart chakra is,

I will be using green, the heart chakra color.

(1) Place both of your hands on top of each other, above the thymus.
At this time, place your dominant hand underneath, and try to make a heart shape.

(2) Focus on your T-cells inside your thymus,
and flow the green energy towards the T-cells from the center of your palms.

When doing so, it may work well to imagine as if the light from a spotlight
is shining down on the T-cells.

(3) Imagine the T-cells shining in green and getting inflated big.

And imagine the inflated T-cells splitting up
and the number of the T-cells increasing.

(4)Affirm while continuing the healing.
“My T-cells are growing stronger every day.”
“My immune systems are growing stronger every day.”

(5) After flowing enough light into the T-cells, flow the light into thymus as well,
and imagine your thymus glowing in green and be activated.

(6) Also, flow in the green light to the heart chakra as a whole, as well,
and imagine that your heart chakra is glowing in green.

Thymus is a very important gland which corresponds to the heart chakra,
and the immune systems are closely related to love, the theme of the heart chakra.

By strengthening the T-cells and your thymus, your immune systems will get activated,
and the powers of your heart chakra will strengthen as the problems of your love gets healed gradually.

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