Changing the Direction and Density of Inner Love – Love Collecting Method


① When You Love Someone

② When the Love Finds Direction
③ The Reason for Wanting Love
④ Our Challenge
⑤ Changing the Direction of Love
⑥ Love Collecting Method

① When You Love Someone

When people love someone, they might unconsciously feel the fear of not receiving the loved back.

As the desire for receiving the love back grows, the fear of not receiving it grows too,

And to mend that fear, they start to check the love, or run away from the love, or wander to find peace.

You were able to share your love to your surroundings naturally when you didn’t love anyone, but as you love that specific someone more and more, you become unable to spread your love,

And find yourself in deficiency and imperfection.

Why is that?

② When the Love Finds Direction

First, when the love has no specific direction, the energy of love is in a round-like shape.

Round shape holds a meaning of stability and harmony (balance).

However, when the love finds a specific direction to run, the energy of love stretches or spreads and changes its shape.

And as the emotions grow towards that specific direction, the inner love leaves the physical body and gets thinner.

Depending on the person, the energy of love may be running towards not just one direction but many.

The reason for the fear and insecurity when loving someone comes from this change of the shape and density of the energy of love.

③ The Reason for Wanting Love

Then is it a bad thing to want for love?


It is natural to want for love.

And that started with the Big Bang, when the Universe was made.

When the Universe which was originally one split, we have unconsciously been wanting to return to one.

Because, the perfect Universe is love itself, and there is the security and harmony with nothing to lack.

That perfect love is what we desire for most.

④ Our Challenge

However, if you seek for love outside, it is hard to find it, and many times, it ends in conflicts and struggles.

That reason is in what we must learn from the Big Bang.

Our challenge to learn as souls.

That is, to remember that the Universe is within you, and you are whole.

You, yourself are the love itself.

To reach there, the energy of love directed outward must be changed to direct inward.

To remember that the Inner Love in yourself is the perfect Universe.

⑤ Changing the Direction of Love

You can never let go love; as long as you are the existing love, and however hard it is.

And as long as your inner love is integral, the lack and fear will not occur even if you love someone.

When you feel suffer and conflict by loving someone, remember the challenge of the souls.

And by changing the love directing outward to direct to the perfection of inner love, you can ease that suffering.

The Universe is now strongly supporting our inner awareness and love.

The cause for your love not going so well might be here.

⑥ Love Collecting Method

Well now, I will be explaining the Love Collecting Method to change the direction and density of your inner love.

(1)Focusing on the Field of Love

Focus on your heart chakra and feel the inner love there.

Is the love in harmony?

Where is it directing, and what kind of shape is it?

(2)Collecting the Love to the Heart

Gather together the love stretching towards certain direction or spreading outward back to the center of your heart, as if to return it to your heart chakra.

And shape the love collected back to your heart into round shape, and feel the thinned density of love gaining back its density.

(3)Placing Over the Love of the Universe

Place the origin of the Universe, the Great Central Sun, over your inner love in the center of your heart,

And while intending that the integral love is there, imagine that it is shining in gold.


“My inner love is in my heart and is in perfect harmony now.”

“I am the Universe, the love, itself.”

Were you able to imagine collecting the love energy inside?

Do not worry if you weren’t or felt it hard to.

By repeating this exercise, the direction of the love energy will gradually change.

And when you can stably hold your inner love in the center of yourself, you will be able to positively spread the love energy to your surroundings and outward, without conflict and suffer.

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