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  • 【Twin Ray】For Those Wishing for Words of Love – 5th Dimensional Reason for Not Receiving Words of Love

【Twin Ray】For Those Wishing for Words of Love – 5th Dimensional Reason for Not Receiving Words of Love

① The Normal Love that Changes

While walking on the Twin Ray path,
there may be many of you who are worrying because
you cannot clearly receive the words of love from your counterpart.

You would feel so assured if only they had shown their love with words,
but why would they not word them out clearly?

It is because there is a will of the Universe working behind it.

We have hoped for them to show love with clear words,
to confirm their will until now.

But would that really be confirming?
Can love be shown with words?

Because the hearts of people are ever-changing.

Even if the words are said from the heart at that point,
there is no guarantee that it will be forever.

You can put that to yourself to understand.
Your many wills and decisions have changed as the time passed.

Even if you tell those whom you’ve loved that you love them,
you cannot necessarily say that it was unchanging.

Most of the love is changing.
Even if you think not, your heart will change as the time passes.

Perhaps, because we know that love is changing,
we may be wanting assurance with clear words,

but even if you did receive the words, it does not guarantee the truth,
and it may change after a day.

There are tons of such light words of love in this world,
which could be blown away with the wind and tons of words of such love are disappearing.

② True Love that Never Changes

Even so, there is love that never changes.

Years and decades,
the flames of love continue to burn without fading.

The never-changing love.

That is the true love, something we are really looking for.
But to know that, it requires some amount of time.

When you are walking on the Twin Ray path,
many times, you are probably unable to check their words.

But the Universe is teaching.

The proof of the love of the two being true, lies on their paths,
and the path they have walked on, is the proof of the two loving.

③ 5th Dimensional Love

Originally, the Twin Rays are in a relationship
where they can understand the very backside of their feelings.

They are able to understand and know,
what they want to say, how they are feeling, or what they want to do without words.

Although you know that there is that same love in them,
more than anybody else could,

why do we still wish to confirm the love?

That is because we are humans exchanging promises with words.
It is perfectly natural for them to think so.

However, Twin Rays are existences of manifesting 5th dimensional love,
Leading the love of the next dimension.

There is no need for the two to exchange words and promises of love,
heading towards the domain of love beyond words and forms.

This is the biggest reason for not being able to receive
the words of love in a Twin Ray relationship.

You can trust each other, receive their love, without words.
That is the 5th dimensional love and we are to see that love beyond the words.

④ Confirming Love

Then do you not exchange words of love
at the stage where the two just met, to confirm their love?

Of course, there are cases
where you exchange words of love in the beginning.

But it may not be through clear words.

For example, they may say that they had missed you, or they feel the same,
or words of such may come out of their mouths,
as if they know the connection of the two souls.

The confirming of love for the Twin Rays
are just to check the connection with each other,

and they are to instinctively accept
that it is the fate, and is the true love.

After the silent period which would come,
they will probably not check on their love through words so much.

⑤ Until You Know the Real Love

It is easy to say that you love them with just a temporary emotion.
But such light exchange of the words of love is not necessary for Twin Rays.

Being shown your desperate love, helplessly,

even if you want to run away,
repeating the conflict of not being able to do so,

and finally accepting the truth in you,
you will come to understand the true meaning of love,
knowing what the true love really is.

If you think so, maybe you are made unable to say
the words of love so easily, until the day you both reach
the point where the two must be.

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