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【Twin Ray】It’s Time to Know What Love Is – 1,000 Day Pilgrimage and the Love of Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin/Kannon)

① 1,000-day Pilgrimage

I have been climbing mountains often recently,
but there is something I have been feeling while I climb.

That Twin Ray’s path is the same as climbing.

But as you all know,
the mountain of Twin Rays is not so easy to climb.

And even if you did climb one, another will come along your way.

There are days where you feel helpless while climbing the rough ups and downs of the mountain road,
thinking how many more of these mountains you would have to climb.

If I were to put it into other words,
it may be like the Okugake of Shugendo, or the 1,000-day Pilgrimage.

Using your mentality, intelligence, and even physical powers to the limit,
Step by step, heading towards the top, you will master yourself.

② State of Enlightenment

There is a word by someone who has become an acharya (high monk),
who has overcome the 1,000-day Pilgrimage at Oomine sanji and Kinpu senji in Yoshino.

It said that if you experience something which could take your life away, your views on life will change,
and that you will come to notice that everything in life is gratitude.

These words can be said towards the path of Twin Rays.

While searching for the love which will not be given to you,
living your life to the limits, continuing it for thousands of days,
the desires within you will gradually get carved away,
heading towards the state of nothing, nothing wanted.

And there births on the state of nothing, an unconditional love,
you will notice that everything in life is love.

The world which could only be seen by pushed to the ultimate is a state of enlightenment which is seen only by those who reach it.

Only after reaching to that point,
are we able to see and learn what love really is.

③ Mercy

I’m sure you will understand if you have walked on the Twin Ray’s path for long.

That your current sense of love is in a different dimension from that of when you just had meat them,
or a few years from then.

It is a love that just overflows there,
which could never be known through normal love or marital relationships.

It is as the love spread by Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy,
the word mercy may be adequate rather than love.

Only when a merciful love overflows never-endingly,
we will come to understand and feel what love really is.

I think that by walking on the path where there is no mercy or god or buddha,
you will become the light yourself,
and ascend to an existence to spread mercy yourself.

④ Two Bodies of Kannon

It is said that the Union of the Twin Rays lies beyond the desire of wanting to unite.

You may not believe it so, or think it impossible,
but I know that you should be able to understand even at the stage before Union.

Because, you know that you cannot see them when you want to,
and only after letting go your desires to see them can you actually see them.

So, if you were to think, it may make more sense,
to walk on the path setting the awakening of your soul or the enlightenment of love as a goal rather than your Union.

In fact, those who have already united fall under the cases where they reached Union unexpectedly after giving up on everything and living themselves strongly.

And there will be no restrictions or limits even if the two are together,
for there is only unconditional love in the Union beyond releasing everything.

I believe you would understand if you could imagine two bodies of Kannon together.
There is only universe.

Universe is love itself.

Between the two, only a completely harmonized love and a harmonized reality would come.

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