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【Twin Rays】The Mechanism of Union – The Importance of Self-Union and the True Meaing of Union

① Your Light and Dark Sides

Light and darkness are originally one, existing as a pair.

Light creates darkness, and the darkness is born from light.
Without light, there is no darkness.

Therefore, when we look at the dark side, there is always a source of light.
Then let’s put this story into the one with Twin Rays.

Where did your darkness arise from?
That is right. From your Twin-partner.

That is why as you think more about them, your darkness deepens.

What’s more, your Twin counterpart is you, yourself.
The light in them is originally the light of yourself.

Here, the mechanism lies.

Through your counterpart,
you are self-integrating the darkness born from your light.

② Necessity to Look at Yourself

But why if you see your own light in your counterpart,
does it hurt so much?

It is because the darkness that could only be seen with the light that you create will appear.

I would like to make it easier for you to understand.

For example, if the counterpart was not your Twin Ray,
you will only react to those that resonate in you.

But since not everything of that person will resonate with you,
the number of darkness that appear will not be so many.

However, what if that counterpart was yourself?
That’s correct. You will resonate with everything.

Therefore, you will feel as if you have darkness in you from head to toes.

This is the reason why it is the hardest thing in this world to face your Twin counterpart.

③ Orders of the Roles

But why is there an order in self-integration where both of you show the darkness of each other and self-integrate together?

It is because, by having an aspect of showing the light you can see the darkness even deeper.

The first one to take the role of showing the light is mainly the Runners,
and the Chasers take the role to see the dark side.

And the Chasers who saw the deeply-rooted darkness in themselves which could not be noticed in their lives until then,
will continue to take an effort to vanish the darkness,
eventually making the Chasers’ darkness, no longer a darkness.

That is when the role exchange happens.

Chasers will be taking the role to show the light and the Runners to see the darkness.

When you are facing the darkness, it may seem as if you’re the only one suffering,
but it is never unfair.

The Union of the Twin Rays are to experience the same feelings for the same amount, each other.

④ The Moderate Self

Then, would darkness completely disappear from both by being shone by light?

No, the darkness will not completely disappear.
What we can let go is only those darkness that need to be.

Then why does the darkness become no longer a darkness?

It is by letting go the unnecessary darkness,
you become the original state of self, with the yin and yang balanced.

Then does self-integration mean that the amount of yin and yang in yourself become the same?

Exactly. You will become a naturally balanced state,
by gaining back the original balance of equal yin and yang.

Self-integration means the state of moderate self,
with no unbalances in yin and yang.

⑤ The Importance of Self-Integration

Here, some of you may have already noticed.

Self-integration is, through your counterpart, who is yourself,
to balance your inner yin and yang and to neutralize the light and the darkness.

That means, to self-integrate is to become the same state as your counterpart, who is actually yourself.

In other words, the two are equal to be united.

The reason why I mentioned how both of the Twins must be mutually self-integrated in order for the Union of the mind to be reached.

And unless the Union of the minds are reached,
the Union in reality will never be reached.

By unraveling the mechanism of Union,
I’m sure you are able to understand how important it is for you to be self-integrated.

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