The Best Healing Is In Balanced Diet

① The Base of Healing Lies In The Diet

Recently, problems of the heart (mental) such as anxiety disorders including depression, panic disorder and social withdrawal or not being able to attend school are being focused on.

Many causes of these are mostly stress,
but their influence may vary to human relationships or social environment.

I have been involved in these themes for a long time as being a healer,

and as a healer’s point of view, have something to say about them,
with the amount of experience and from my own, as well.

That is, that the base of healing is more in your diet than the healing itself.

By improving your diet, that anxiety, wavering and shakes,
lack of enthusiasm or sleeping disorders can be improved.

That is because, as our bodies are made from what we eat,
our energies also change according to what we eat.

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② Body and Mind Are Connected

I am sure you have all experienced that

when your body is well, your mind or heart is also well,
and when your body is not, your heart also.

Generally, if your physical body is healthy, your mind is also strong,
making your energy levels such as auras and chakras also strong,

and if your physical body is weak, your mental body also is weak,
and your energy levels tend to get weaker.

This is not perfectly equal,

and there are those whose physical bodies are strong but their mental bodies weak,
or those with weak mental bodies with strong physical bodies.

Even so, as how those with weak mental bodies
train their physical bodies and make their mental bodies strong,

the energies of the physical and mental are closely connected.

③ Density of the Energies and Immunity

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People with balanced diet
also have balanced energy levels with clearer colors and stability,

and people with unbalanced diet
tend to have unbalanced energy levels with thinner colors and less stability.

And as how lighter colors are easily mixed with other colors,

it gets easier to take in various outer influences into the energies.

Also, those with darker energy level colors of auras and chakras,
have higher density of energies,

and are maintaining their own powers
that they have resistance towards the outer world.

In the world of healing, the healing process is performed
such as balancing inner energy, or removing unnecessary influences taken in from outside,

to bring back that person’s original energies,

however much healing or protection is performed,
if the person receiving the healing has thin end unstable energy,

the possibility to break that balance is high.

Balanced diet makes strong energy body both physically and mentally,
making you able to have resistance towards the outer world.

From this, the immunities of the physical and energy level
can be said to be in proportion with each other.

④ Protecting Yourself with Higher Immunity

Although how healthy body and mind are created from what we eat
is know from the ancient times,

many cannot just do so.

And nowadays, there are many with malnutrition with lack of essential nutrition
though the calory-intake is enough.

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Stress is felt in the brain.
And our body system feels stress when there are missing nutrients.

If, you’re feeling disorders not just of the physical but also of the mental,
try looking back on your diet,

and supply the lacking nutrients from your diet.

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