【Twin Ray】The 4 Definitions of Silent Period

① Disconnection of Contacts

Silent as it is, in the situation where it is in the silence,
meaning there is no movement in the relationship of the two.

Therefore, generally, you will not be in contact with the counterpart,
and the two will not interact with each other physically.

It is because one of them is ignoring the communication given,
or even shutting it out, that there is no interaction.

Disconnection from all contacts.
This will be a major premise of the silent period.

I had received in the comment to my video the other day,
but if you’re in a situation where you cannot see your counterpart physically,
but are getting a hold of them, this is not a silent period.

② Being Separated After A Strong Connection

I receive this question a lot, but a silent period points to a situation where the two gets separated after they are bonded personally and strongly.

This is a premise that the two are broken up from a situation where the two are in a relationship or in a situation same as having one.

If the two are separated due to some circumstances while they had never had their time of spending love together, it will not be counted as a silent period,for the story of the two hasn’t started yet.

In other words, the story of the two begins when the two are bonded.

However, I feel that there are more cases than you think, where people think it a silent period, although they are in a situation where they hadn’t received any direct approach from the counterpart.

It could be said in situations where your counterpart is a celebrity, too, but if you think it a silent period, where your counterpart hasn’t shown you any love, it is highly possible that it is just a one-sided belief.

③ Over Months

I sometimes receive questions asking how long the silent period is, basically, when I say a silent period, it will be at least over two months, generally between from half a year to several years, it could even be several decades that the two are apart.

Therefore, if it is shorter than one month, I cannot generally say that it is a silent period.

The reason for that is because the silent period is a time for the two, to completely face themselves for their won learning and growth, it will need certain amount of time for you to change from the inside.

Oppositely said, it is not so uncommon in the world of Twin Rays, that you cannot get in contact with your counterpart for a month or two, and the time for the two to clear their karmas and assignments, keeping good distance from each other, until their Union.

I also think it is a time to nurture your fundamental physicality for the two to overcome their process afterwards, as a reason for the two to experience this silent period.

Also, silent period tends to repeat generally, and many cases are seen where the two experience, a silent period of being apart for over a year, several times.

④ Voluntary Choice

The last definition is that the silent period is chosen with their voluntary will.

It is a state where the silent period occurs as a result of their own choice.

Basically, at first, the Runner chooses themselves to have the silent period, but later on, there are cases where the Chaser chooses to have a silent period.

It cannot be said as a silent period, if the two are separated not voluntarily, but by outer forces.

For example, the relocation or moving of your counterpart, there are cases where the two are separated by physical situations, but because it was not due to their own will, it cannot say it is a silent period.

However, if your counterpart stopped contacting you by their own will due to this change of situation, it could be said that it is a silent period.

Either way, it is necessary for you to see the situation whether the two were separated after the strong bond, by their own will.

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