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【Twin Ray】Extra Episode on the Reason Not to Chase Your Twin – A Taboo Not To Chase to a Popular Person

① For Twin Rays

First, I would like to talk about the reason for Twin Rays to not chase after your counterpart.

For Twin Rays, when they meet, most of the time,
they will work hard to get somehow closer to the counterpart,
or to gain back the relationship of the two.

And when you notice, you’d been sending too many messages,
or contacting them too much with your feelings, and as a result,

they will try to keep a distance and stay away from you,
or may even shut you out in some cases.

And you will probably regret about your actions.
Then why couldn’t you stop it?

That is, to learn not to chase after someone.

Chasers are those who chase after someone,
and as the word, all Chasers will be chasing after their Twin Ray.

It is because it is in the Twin Ray program,
to play the roles of a Chaser and a Runner.

And the Chasers who have experienced enough that nothing will work out even if they chase them,
they will stop chasing after their counterpart and head towards living themselves.
It is so that they can be reborn into their essential selves by their own powers.

This is the reason for Twin Rays not to chase after their counterpart,
or more of a reason to learn not to chase after them.

② For Non-Twin Rays

Then what is the reason for those,
who are not Twin Rays, to chase after so-called popular people?

It is because they are generally someone who is chased after,
so their self-defense powers to unconsciously protect themselves are working stronger than others around them.

Those who are easy to catch others’ attention or liked,
they know the advantages of being liked,
as well as more of the disadvantages.

Therefore, when someone unnecessarily tries to get close to them,
they will immediately keep a distance or shut them out.

Because they have much more confidence than those around them that if they were to chase after someone, they are very proactive,
and they will most likely grab what they want.

But on the other hand, if they are the ones being chased after,
they will immediately become reactive.

This phenomena can be seen the same as that of the Twin Rays,
so when someone starts a relationship with a popular person and breaks up,

they may think that their counterpart is a Twin Ray and that they have entered the silent period now.

Then what are the differences in the reason to run,
for Twin Ray’s case and that for the non-Twin Ray’s?

It is whether they ran because they were scared of the growing love in them,
or because something was wrong,
or maybe even because they don’t have their feelings anymore.

However, it may not be so easy to differentiate these points.

③ What to Do

Then, what are you supposed to do,
towards those who run, whether they be Twin Rays or not?

That is, of course, not to chase after them.
The more you chase, the more they run.

And them trying to run away are so sensitive that they will sense the intention behind in casual conversations or greetings.

Therefore, not to chase them, meaning, not to do anything.
And this is what is important.

If you want to catch the attention of those who are running,
to become someone whom they’d want to chase after.

This is totally the same as the Twin Rays’ case.
To live yourself, to shine yourself, more than you have ever been.

If your counterpart is your true counterpart,
the more you shine, the more likely they’d return.

The reason for that is because they have kept distance to shine your true self.

There are many methods overflowing in this world,
to try various ways to grab the counterparts’ hearts,

but if your counterpart could be yours using those methods and techniques,
do you really think they are your true counterpart?

I believe that the more fatally important they are,
the more they will not be affected by the general love relationship techniques.

Because, they have met,
to learn what the true love is.

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