3 Keywords of 2023 – Beginning of the Era of the Truths

① Renewal of the Pineal Glands

The first keyword that came to me was the renewal of the pineal glands.

As I have mentioned before, the winter solstice of 2022
was the winter solstice exactly a decade from the start of the Ascension.

Therefore, there is a humongous energy shift
occurring for the first time since the Ascension had started.

And, after the winter solstice and into 2023,
the awakening of our minds will be even more prompted by the Universe.

First, what will be focused on is the activation of the pineal glands.

Pineal glands are organs to sense the light, originally,
but it is also catching information from the universe.

And also, the frequencies of the information coming from the Universe
will rise even more to the 5th dimensional levels,

that pineal glands themselves will be renewed,
so that they may be able to receive higher frequencies than before.

How this renewal work will be done,
is mainly while you are asleep, by your astral bodies going to the higher dimensional realms,

changes to your physical levels will start after the changes of your astral levels take place.

Therefore, please sleep well as much as possible, this year.
Not only the sleeping hours, but also the quality of your sleep is important.
Even if it’s short, if you sleep deep, the renewal of the pineal glands will progress.

For the light sleepers, please try to work a lot during the day,
or take a relaxing bath before sleep,

and try to keep your daily cycles steady for good sleep.
This is a very important thing, I feel.

② There will be No Back and Front

This is a keyword I received during the winter solstice.
From this period onwards,
there will be no falsehood, and only the truth will be at the forefront.

So to speak, there will be no back and front, and as is, will appear.

If there is no back and front, that means,
that the hidden nature will appear for the world and for the individuals.

That phenomena have already started to appear in the world,
and many incidents to disclose the dark sides which had been hidden until now,

but even at the individual levels, things like that will appear even more from now on.

This may be a hard period for some people,
but for those who have built up secret charity or continued brushing up the souls,
it will be a joyous time as if to see the light of day, finally.

This will occur in partnerships, too.

Connections just for conditions or advantages, or connections without love,
superficial relationships will head towards departures in the near future.

Also, lies and secrets will arise to the front,
so relationships carrying those will start to collapse.

In other words, in partnerships, too, only truths will be left.

③ Survival

As the 3rd keyword, a word “survival” had come to me.

What this means would be related to what I have mentioned
earlier on how there will be no back and front,

but to overcome the world from now onwards,
it will become an era for your true abilities will be challenged.

those who have relied on something to live,
or those protected with blessings from something,
they will be prompted to live by manifesting their own powers.

Wisdom, mentality, techniques and talents, including physical strength,
the powers of the individual will be tested, the survival era of individual matches will begin.

In other words, the era onwards will be the one which focuses on the individual even more than ever.

It will be a game of how much power you have acquired to live,or you will be acquiring.

And, for this, it will be all equal for everyone, is what I have received.

For example, it is not whether you have assets, or your parents have authorities,
or are employed at a stable company, or any other outside factors,

and more about an equal survival of the abilities of each individual.
It will be a time for the true powers each individuals hold to be tested.

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