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【Twin Rays】About Affairs and Divorce – My Perspective as I Share Information on Twin Rays and the Actual Twin Rays

① Do you agree with affairs?

Many of the times for Twin Rays,
they encounter each other in a situation where it is hard for them to get together smoothly,

that one or even both of them,
are in a state where they are married when they meet.

However, if anyone loves someone else when they are in a marriage,
it is generally considered as an untrue relationship of affairs.

To be honest, I feel a little reluctant to use the word affair which has a negative image,
to the Twin Ray relationship,
but no matter how the relationship may be of true love,
if you look at the forms of reality, it is of the so-called affairs.

Therefore, there may be those who cannot share this with anyone,
or talk to someone about it and be alone, or feel sorry about it,
or there may be those who are working hard to overcome the current situation,
but there are also those who use “Twin Rays” as an excuse to affirm the affairs.

Then, if you are Twin Rays, can affairs be accepted?
Is there nothing you can do about the affairs if you are Twin Rays?

This is just my personal opinion,
but I am not very affirmative about the affairs for Twin Rays.

I understand how it is uncontrollable,
but I feel that I would like to support those who try to get out of it as soon as possible to live truly.

And, I also think that the path of the Twin Rays do not support those who affirm the relationship of the affairs and continue taking advantage of the relationship.

② About Getting a Divorce

Then, should you get a divorce once you meet your Twin Ray?
If possible, I believe that would be the best.

Because, more than anything, that will allow you to live your truth.

With that being said, I know that it is not so easy if you have children.
And most of the times, many of you are suffering because of it.

Whether to prioritize your desires and happiness,
or to hide your truth and live for the family.

It is a very difficult issue,
but I am always talking to the heart that is there.

Because if the reason for your divorce is a selfish cause of you wanting to be with your counterpart as soon as possible, it will not go well.

But if you become independent in a true environment,
to raise your child on your own by getting a divorce,
things will go well.

The reason for that is because the Twin Ray’s path is to complete all 3rd dimensional assignments which are to be faced in this lifetime,
and to move on to the next dimension.

Therefore, there is no way that any actions which would leave karmas would be supported,
if you were to throw out all your current assignments.

Especially if you were to leave your child, that is unacceptable,
and is not a path for Twin Rays to walk on.

However, except for a helpless situation such as if you were told to leave your child behind and leave the house,
or by their own will, if your children chose not to leave the house with you.

③ If You Have Children

Then if you were single and your counterpart is married,
or both of you are married,
how is it as a Twin Ray to wish for the counterpart’s divorce?

As I have mentioned earlier,
any actions which will leave karmas would not be supported,

so if your counterpart has children,
or have karmas left between the current partners,
they will probably not get an immediate divorce even if you wished so.

It would just be their selfish convenience if they wished for you to leave your children and be with them in the first place,
rather had they wished for you to bring them.

Think about it. Your love will grow while you are away.

While you two are apart from each other,
your counterpart who missed you and wanted to see you so much,

may now miss their children and grow their love towards them if they leave their children behind to be with you.

What’s more, they may continue to blame themselves who have left their children behind.

Would you like to see them in such state?

I wouldn’t.
I want them to come to me after they have successfully raised their children.

Meanwhile, I would wait for them no matter how long it may take for them to complete their assignment.
I believe that is the true love.

④ The Actual Twin Ray

I have talked about many “for examples,”
but then how are they actually?

As I have spoken before,
if there are issues to face, such as raising children,

whether you are in a marriage or divorced,
things will not go well with your Twin Ray.

It is because the two are prompting their assignments to be cleared for each other,
that until they complete their assignments,
though the minimum connection is kept,

they will most likely not be able to see each other so often, or talk to each other everyday,
like they would be had they been together in a normal relationship.

And it is likely that the two will be in a situation close to the silent period while they are facing their assignments,
they will not be in a relationship which would hinder clearing their assignments,
which may cause issues in their actual lives.

Even if you try to continue your lustful relationships,
I believe that the fate will pull you apart to where you should be heading.

All in all, if the Twin Rays wanted to get into an affair,
they will not be in a normal affair relationship form and that is the actual Twin Rays.

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