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【Ascension】Preparing for 2023 Summer Solstice and Onwards – Distinguishing Incidents between the 3rd dimension and 5th dimension

① Before the Summer Solstice

Summer solstice is the peak of the annual solar cycle which started from the winter solstice last year.

I am sure many of you are feeling that it is not just that, and it is a point of a huge shift.

This summer solstice is a shifting point for individuals and of nations, what more,
even for the Earth itself and also it is a time when the new moves which were flowing underwater to surface.

Therefore, I’m sure many of you have felt the changes to your bodies and souls in these past few months until the summer solstice.

Especially for the past three months from the spring equinox to summer solstice,
the pressuring energies were continuously flowing that you might have asked yourself whether you could stay this way,
or felt physically heavy, or burdens to the incidents of reality,

or you may be feeling discomfort or uncomfortableness to the environment which was supposed to be something you were used to,

or maybe something which used to go well stopped being so,
causing disharmony in the human relationships even.

② Change in Density

From what I received, the density of time and space which used to feel like 3 times more than before COVID, will be changing to about 5 times more going forward.

What it means is that after COVID, for us who used to use 3 times the energy as before to live will have to use even close to double that power going forward.

For that reason, we are starting to feel the pressure and burden to our hearts and bodies as the density changes from the summer solstice.

Also, I feel the past few months to be testing us to see whether we could keep up with the new density.

Going forward, I believe that us individuals and the world itself too, will be changing rapidly,
but because not all of us are heading towards the changes,
that you might clearly feel those who are heading towards the change,
and those who are not.

Those who are heading towards change, things will not go the way they want even if they keep living the way they were,

on the other hand, those who are not heading towards the change will be able to live just the same without any problems.

If I were to say, those who are not heading towards the change are walking on a flat path easily,
whereas those heading towards change are climbing steep hills.

③ Accepting Changes

Then what should you do to be on that flow of shifting upwards?

As I have mentioned earlier, we are asked to change.
However, that change may vary depending on who you are.

Some of you may be asked to change mentally,
and others may be asked to change their reality.

Or maybe even be asked to change both mentally and realistically.

The point to ascertain is what you feel pressured for.

If you are feeling pressures in reality such as your work,
you should consider shifting to an environment which better suits you.

Or, if you feel a limit to your talents,
you could start a new study or research for an environment where you could utilize your talents.

If you are feeling pressured in human relationships,
you might have to leave that relationship.

You are not only asked to change.
There are probably some upgrading process for you too.

You might shift to an even higher level of work within the same task,
or take into a method to work towards even more people,
or may have to think of a new way to appeal.

You should instinctively know what to do.
Please accept a valid change that you feel, for your future.

④ Distinguishing the Phenomena

I have an advice for you here.

It is a countermeasure for a low-frequency incident which happens in front of you in this flow of heading towards the change after the summer solstice.

I believe that the time and space where the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension are overlapping,
as if they exist together, will continue.

If something with low frequency occurs around you,
even though you should be heading towards the higher dimensional world,

if you have to get involved in that incident,
acknowledge that it is just an incident on the 3rd dimensional domain, and handle it calmly.

By doing so, you will not get pulled towards the lower frequencies and head towards Ascension.

In summary, if you become able to distinguish the difference between incidents occurring in the 3rd dimension and 5th dimension, you will be able to head towards the next point smoothly without conflicts.

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