【Ascension】Method to Clear Your Karmas – Exercise to Clear the Relationship of Karmas

① End the Old Things

The speed of time has accelerated by the acceleration of the dimension ascending starting this year.

but there are those who cannot change strapped to the old things opposed to those who are moving lightly towards ascension.

As you already know, Ascension is not anything which all human beings go through automatically.
Only those souls who determined will head towards the fifth dimension.

And those who have not yet clearly decided wo, or those who have given up to the current situation, the determination is being nudged this spring equinox.

To determine to end the old things, will lead to transition to the next dimension.

What the old things refer to are situation s and connections with people based on karmas.

② Moving the Mountain

“I want to leave my current partner.” “I want to leave the current environment or land.”
But not being able to change nevertheless.

Those of you who are feeling such dilemmas will be able to change by ending the factors of not being able to change quickly.

You may say, “I know that already,” but if I ask, “Then can you end it?”
you will probably answer, “That’s impossible.”
That is probably so, because there is a contract of karma.

But please rest assured.

No matter how impossible it may seem, by deciding from your heart and affirming, you will be able to move the mountains that would not move.

Of course, karmas are assignments assigned to the souls for this lifetime and you cannot abandon it in the middle.

What you can do, is to quicken the time of clearing the karma.

By the ascension of the dimensions, things which used to take 10 years in the past, can be done within a year nowadays.
Now is your perfect chance to clear your karmas.

③ Decisions from Your True Heart

To quicken your clearing of the karmas, you need determination from your soul.

It is not salvation by faith or pleading or relying on others.
It is your determination by your own will to overcome by taking actions yourself.

The Universe always respects our free will and independence.
That cannot be done just by thinking in your head or imagining.

Determination from your true heart. Your TRUE HEART.
So only to those decided from your soul which is in your heart, will the Universe answer.

④ Determination and Courage

You need another thing which is necessary to break off your karma.
That is, courage.

For you to clear your karma quickly, you must clear those you took time to clear one by one
all at once in a short period of time.

By intending and affirming of the clearing of your karma to the Universe, once your fate starts moving,

the possibility for your current situation continuing to change like surging waves will rise.
Therefore, you will need determination and courage to surf those raging waves surging.

⑤ Method of Clearing your Karmas

Let me now introduce the method of clearing the karmas.

(1) Place your mind in the center of your heart.
And imagine in front of you, a person or situation based on karmas.

(2) And above yourself and that person or situation, imagine a universal space spreading.
It may be good to imagine a swirl of galaxies.

(3) To that person or situation, tell them your gratitude until now from your heart.
“Thank you for the plenty of lessons.”

(4) Place an open door in between you and that person or situation.

(5) To the Universe, affirm strongly from your heart.

“I will end this karma here, right now.
I will complete the clearing of the leftover karmas arriving sooner for this.”

(6) Take out a key from your determined heart and close and lock the door.
Draw a hexagram of light on the door and send the key to the Universe.

What is important is to strongly affirm to the Universe.
Close the door to create a boundary, lock with the key of your true heart, and a barrier with hexagram.
Sending the key to the Universe is to send your determination to the Universe.

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