【Laws to Change Your Life②】 Imaging Method to Replace Foundation

① Difference Between a Big Change and a Small Change

I have mentioned in the last episode that there are waves of changes in life,
and there are big changes and small changes in them.

And the big change is, the change that replaces your basis or foundations.

To explain that easier, it’s like this.

◎ Big Change
You will not be moving, but the land at your feet will replace.

◎ Small Change
The land will not change, but you will be moving.

Many former methods to make changes
were known as using the images of yourself moving,

but to make big changes,
it is effective to use images to replace the foundational land itself.

② Points of Imaging

The important part to make changes is,
whether you are able to let go of the old things when the waves or the flow come to you.

So even if the wave of change came, if you are hanging on to the old things,
you may slow down the speed of change.

Then, what exactly are the old things?

That is, the land or house you have lived in, or environments like work place,
connections with the people you have been with. And the emotions that relate to this.

As how the environment and human relationships drastically change when big changes occur,
letting go of the environment or human relationships will lead to the biggest changes.

For example, there is the Minimizing Method to change your destiny,
and it might be effective to bring changes, but the changes will be small.

If you are wanting to make big changes,
minimizing your environment or human relationships is more essential than minimizing materials.

Of course, you do not have to get rid of everything.
You can just keep minimum amount of important things, and make yourself light and mobile.

③ Imaging Method to Replace Foundation

Well then, after you have understood the points to make changes,
I will explain the Imaging Method to Replace the Foundations.

(1) Imagine the most necessary thing to yourself.
Like someone important, or your important feelings.

(2) Imagine that you are standing on a road of life; future ahead, past in the back.

(3) You will start to see doors in front of you. That is a gate of your turning point.
There will be a whole new world behind the doors.

(4) Say the next affirmation in the determination to change.
“I will close the doors to the past world, and enter a new world.”

(5) While holding on to the most important thing for you, and soar 1m above land.
With you floating, the land will move and the doors will get closer.

(6) When you get to the front of the door, strongly intend to enter the new world.
If you are wanting that from your heart, the doors will open.

If the doors do not open, please check within yourself to see
Whether you are really wanting the change.

Also, check to see if you are not holding on to too much luggage, or are light.

And either intend again, to enter the new world,
or not go through the doors and come back down to the ground and end your imaging.

(7) If the door open, go through the doors and come down on the new land.
And start feeling the new world.
The scenery, senses, emotions, etc.

(8) Say the following affirmation.
“I have closed the doors to the past world and have entered into the new world.”

(9) Look back behind you, and make sure that the doors are closed.
If the doors are still open, intend them to close.

This imaging method is to replace the foundation,
so we are using the image of the land to move, and not yourself.

It is preferred to be done when you are relaxing,
but it would be most effective to do it before going to sleep.

You can root the image of change sooner,
by falling asleep with you in the state of coming down to a new land.

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