Purifying the Love Connection – Light Vortex Water Cleansing Method


① People Learn from People
② Hardships Lead to Love
③ Light Vortex Water Cleansing Method

① People Learn from People

The reason we live on this earth can often be said as to interact with others,

and we repeat many learning experiences through interacting with various others in our lives.

However, interacting with others may not always be pleasant, and can many times lead to hardships such as suffering and sadness, anger and conflicts,

that there may be days you just want to be by yourself.

Even then, destiny leads us to interact with others.
That is because, people learn from people.

② Hardships Lead to Love

People who give hardships are those who stimulate our learning,
and are soulmates with such roles,

spiritual people and writings may say.

But even though they say so,
that can only be accepted after overcoming the hardships,

and it is not easy to have love and gratitude towards people who give them.

Still, for it is hard to live with those emotions,
we try to give effort in letting that go.

It is then, the energy work comes in.

Just as how you feel refreshed and the positive vibes rise when you clean your room,

cleaning clogged, unnecessary mind

will not only raise our energies but also urge us to get to awareness and learning faster.

③ Light Vortex Water Cleansing Method

If we are heading to the Oneness mind,

all hardships, too, shall eventually lead to love.

Light Vortex Water Cleansing Method washes and purifies the negative mind born from human relationships with the spiraling water containing light, and enhances the shift towards love.

This method can be used in many various human relationships,

including partnerships, parents and siblings, friends and co-workers, teacher and student, one-way love, and or in cases that the other person may have negative mind,

so please try if you have someone in mind other than to the connections with your loved ones.

Now, let me move on to the Method.

(1)Imagine that the other person is standing about 2~3 meters in front of you.

(2)There, create in your image a tunnel which will completely fit you both.

(3)In that tunnel, place a tunnel light and turn it on.
Place as many lights as you wish and make the tunnel bright.

(4)When you make it bright, you can see many unnecessary things there.

Black vague thigs, or something that looks like trash,
or may seem like there is dust gathered.

Even if you cannot see anything, feel the heaviness of the air that flows there.


“I will wash out the unnecessary energies in this connection.”

(6)Let out from your hands the energy of water containing gold light,
and make it turn anticlockwise as to make a tornado and wash out the inside of the tunnel.

It may work better to repeat the affirmation while you wash out the unnecessary energies in the tunnel until it is clean.

(7)When you wash it out enough, stop the water once,
and check to see that the unnecessary energies in the tunnel are no longer there.

If the unnecessary energies are still there,
make the tornado again, and wash them out with the water.

(8)When the tunnel is clear,
turn on the tunnel light to shine the brightest, and extinguish the tunnel with light.

(9)Making sure that the connection with the person in front of you is cleared, greet and end the exercise.

You can say words such as thank you, however, you do not have to force yourself.

That’s it.

If it can’t be cleared in one time, try it several times in different days.
Also, you may use it periodically to keep the connection clear.

This is a method which uses your imagination,
and if you cannot do it well, you can still purge, so please try it in your feelings.

The important thing is, that you do so with intention.

By intention of the affirmation of clearing the relationship,
whether if it’s yours or the other’s
what’s between you two will change.

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