Changing Earth with the Light of Love – Heart Healing


① Awareness Changes the Earth
② The Opposition of Darkness is the Light of Love
③ Heart Healing

① Awareness Changes the Earth

Right now, there are various themes on this Earth,
to lead our learning and evolution.

War, discrimination, violence, crimes,
and the low vibrational frequencies that lead to them.

For this Earth to become a better planet,
those problems must be overcome,
but the resolution is not so simple.

However, even if each one of us cannot achieve realistic authority,
it is possible to influence it by putting our awareness together.

Because, everything that happens on Earth is made from vibrational frequencies.

As how things that happen to us personally change by the changes in our vibrational frequencies,
things that happen to Earth will change as its vibrational frequency changes.

② The Opposition of Darkness is the Light of Love

The thing that changes the earthly long dominating darkness into light,
is the power of love born from us.

In these past few years, our awareness has been opening,
but from now on, it will be opened more acceleratingly and to a higher domain.

All sorts of negativity including organizational darkness,
will vanish with the light which strengthens daily, by once coming to the surface.

That is done by the light of our own mass awareness, nothing else.

Love is the light of high vibrational frequencies, and its light is at the opposite of the low frequency darkness.
What changes the darkness into light is not authority, but the power of love.

③ Heart Healing

Love is frequency, and the frequency spreads like ripples.

If we intend to change the frequency of the Earth,
and spread the light of love, we can transmit that to the surrounding people.

Heart healing is made simple by just watching the movie and imagining, so that even those who have not done energy works can easily put into practice.

The purpose is to increase the light of love towards Earth, and to stimulate changes in the mass awareness,

and by transmitting love to the mass awareness,

we can shift our personal domain of love to a higher frequency.

Now, I will explain the method for Heart Healing.

(1)Imagine that you are holding both hands with your important someone.
The other hand of the person you’re holding hands with is holding hands with that person’s other important someone.

(2) Imagine everyone on Earth is holding hands with the important someone, as well, and standing.
Imagine that everyone in the whole world is holding hands and connected to one.

(3)Place your mind in the center of your chest, and feel that the heart is there, shining bright.

And intending that the frequency of the Earth is changing to a higher frequency based on love,
and let the light of your heart shine strong.

(4)Imagine that your light is resonating with the hearts of both you’re holding hands with,
and that their hearts are shining bright.

(5)Imagine that everyone on Earth resonating and their hearts shining bright.

That light, as a network, covers the whole Earth with light and is shining.

(6)Imagine that the light of our love covering Earth is melting the low and negative frequencies.

War, violence, discrimination, crime, and various low frequencies connected to them, to vanish one after another.

(7)Imagine that the whole Earth covered with the light of love shining brightly, by the frequency change.


” Our love will change all darkness on Earth into light. “

That’s it.

When you happen to watch sad incidents on the news,
and feel angry or depressed, by doing this Heart Healing,

it will help not to tune into the negative mass awareness or amplify it,
and instead raise the mass awareness,

so please try this in cases as such.

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