Washing the Mind with 6th Dimensional Water – 6th Dimensional Water Purging Method


① Mind Creates the Reality
② Where is the Mind
③ Effects of Water Purging
④ Method of 6th Dimensional Water Purging

① Mind Creates the Reality

Every substance in this 3rd dimensional world is said to be born from our minds.

The reason is that, when broken down into molecules constructing the substances, you will eventually get to the fundamental or elementary particles which has no dimension.

Fundamental particles are the invisible light, vibration, frequency, ki, and/or energy.

Our mind bonding with these fundamental particles creates substances.

If the mind is positive, a positive reality appears, and if the mind is negative, a negative reality appears.

However, the world of the mind is overly complicated and your subconscious mind and the minds of others around you, or the aggregational mind are tangled up and shifting elaborately.

As I have spoken about how important it is to omit the useless mind in the last article, it is especially important how you place your mind in this era with overflowing information caused by the spreading of the Internet and/or smartphones.

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② Where is the Mind
Well then, where is the mind?

Generally thought, the mind is inside the brain.

However, it is actually not necessarily in the brain.

Because, even when we lose our physical body, the soul still has a mind.

That means, the place where the mind is, can be said to be in the soul.

I have spoken earlier about how fundamental particles make up substances,

but since our physical body is also made of fundamental particles, the mind bond to the fundamental particles may be affecting various parts of our physical body.

Even in the world of healing, each chakra has a mind, and the unhealed mind exists in both the total body and the aura.

Healing energy is helpful when you want to heal,

but for purging unnecessary energy, using the power of water can wash out effectively.

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③ Effects of Water Purging

Water has purging power and has been used in washing and purifying substances from the ancient times.

We also use the power of water to wash food or body to cleanse and purify daily.

Chozusha (purification trough) in shrines, also represents removing of impurity

and water is thought to be effective in both washing out visible uncleanliness and purging impurity.

Also, as how something stuck on the surface of substances falls off and sinks or floats when placed in water,

by using the power of water, it is possible to separate not only the surface stain but also unnecessary things soaked up.

Bathing in the tub also, not only warms up and relaxes the body, but also purges out the unnecessary energy inside the body.

Like this, by using the power of energy, you can wash out invisible unnecessary energy in both the physical and in mind.

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④ Method of 6th Dimensional Water Purging

Method of 6th Dimensional Water Purging is a method to wash out and purify unnecessary mind inside the body by using the power of 6th dimensional water.

Unnecessary mind includes the negative mind which is not necessary now, or the mind that is not even yours that is put into you by someone else, thoughts of the surrounding, or aggregational mind received.

You can return to your own original mind by washing out these unnecessary minds.

Why 6th dimension? Because Sirius, the planet of water, which brings to Earth this sacred power of water exists in the 6th dimension.

Well now, I will explain about the Method.

(1)Accessing the 6th Dimension

6th dimension is 3 dimensions above the 3rd dimension, so you will need to open 3 doors to access.

Imagine that you have the door to the 4th dimension above your head, and the door to the 5th dimension above that, and the door to the 6th dimension even above that,

and open 3 doors to open the door leading to the 6th dimension.

Only open the doors, leaving the body and the mind in the center of your head.

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(2)Washing the Whole Body with 6th Dimensional Water

As if taking a shower from the top of your head, wash down your whole body flowing out from the door of the 6th dimension.

After washing down the unnecessary energy stuck to the surface of your body, wash down inside your body as if to wash every single cell.

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(3)Filling the Whole Body with 6th Dimensional Water

Also, to surface the unnecessary energy inside the mind, fill your aura with 6th dimensional water and place your whole body inside the 6th dimensional water.

Feel the unnecessary energy attached to your whole mind getting separated by the 6th dimensional water and leaving.

When your mind gets clean, remove the 6th dimensional water from your aura, and again, wash down your aura and body with 6th dimensional water shower.

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(4)Closing the 6th Dimension

Close the 3 doors leading to the 6th dimension,

and feel your mind lighter and your whole body shining from the fundamental particle level.

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This method is energy work received from Sirius,

but it is effective just to wash down water, as if to wash out the mind of your whole body, from the top of your head when you actually take a shower.

Try this when you don’t have enough time to do energy work or when you have a chance to take a shower.

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