Balancing the Inner 4 Elements – Human Body Hexagram


① The Four Elements
② Characteristics of the Four Elements
③ How to Make the Human Body Hexagram

① The Four Elements

From ancient times, materials on this Earth were thought to be categorized into four groups. And the concept of the four elements, was adopted into study of physics, fortune-telling, and more, and has been used in reading our characteristics and fortunes.

The four elements are fire, earth, wind, and water. Various materials on Earth are made of the four elements, and inside us, too, being parts of the Earth, the four elements exist.

If the four elements are balanced, we can live our daily lives in a secured state, with power, and happily. In energy therapies, they also balance the four elements by balancing out the chakras.

② Characteristics of the Four Elements

The four elements have these main characteristics.

The four elements are preferred to be balanced. If one element is either too much or too little, the meaning of the element can be weakened, or negative effects may occur.

Also, the earth represents the Earth, and the wind, Heaven.

Fire has a characteristic of drying and elevating the substances with heat.
When heated with fire, water boils, evaporates, and gets light and elevates high into the air.
As fire lightens water, the inner fire also lightens the heavy water emotions.

On the other hand, water puts out fire and has a nature of descending.
Water lowers and suppresses the excessive inner fire.

Also, as volcanoes erupt the power of Earth with fire, fire can raise the energy of Earth.

And as rain and snow fall from heaven, water can bring down the energy of heaven.

Did you understand the principles of the fire ascending and water descending?
By using this principle, you can balance your inner four elements.

③ How to Make the Human Body Hexagram

And now, I will explain how to balance the inner four elements, making the Human Body Hexagram.
※This is my original method.

Fire, for having an ascending power, shown as an upper triangle,
And water, for having descending power, as a lower triangle.

Ground as the Earth, and wind as heaven,
Let us apply them onto human body and imagine.

※This method is easier to balance when seated.

① Set your mind to the sacral chakra in the middle of your stomach.
Feel the inner fire, flaming.

And starting from sacral chakra, draw an upward triangle of fire in your imagination. Place the peak of the triangle at the throat chakra.

② Set your mind to the heart chakra in the center of your chest.
Feel the inner water, flowing.

And starting from the heart chakra, draw a downward triangle of water in your imagination. Place the peak at the root chakra around your coccyx.

③ Now feel the balance between the fire and water.

Fire is your energizing power.
Water is your calming power.

If you feel your fire energy stronger, strengthen the water triangle,
And if the water energy stronger, strengthening the fire triangle,
Balance your inner fire and water.

④ As to take in earth energy from the Earth, bringing it upwards with the fire energy, fill it up in the fire triangle.

⑤ As to take in the wind energy from the heavens, bringing it downwards with water energy, fill it up in the water triangle.

⑥ Now feel the inner balance between earth and wind.

Earth is your stabilizing power.
Wind is your activation power.

If you feel earth energy weak, bring in more of the earth energy from the Earth,
And if wind energy weak, bring down more wind energy from the heavens,
And balance your earth and wind.

⑦ Lastly, shine gold your solar plexus chakra, in the center of the hexagram, and feel your inner four elements in harmony for a while.


“My inner four elements are in harmony.”
“With the four elements in harmony, I now have the perfect power.”

That’s it!

This Human Body Hexagram, by balancing the inner fire and water, unites earth and wind, in other words, the energy of Earth and Universe, into human body to promote harmony of the inner four elements. It is a method of accelerating the light-bodying of Ascension.

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