Light Breathing


① Breathing is Energy Exchanging
② Breathing while intending
③ The Center of the Universe is the Central Sun
④ Central Sun and the Black Hole
⑤ Light Breathing

① Breathing is Energy Exchanging

We are exchanging gas by breathing in oxygen
and breathing out carbon dioxide.

Seeing that from the energy point, we take in necessary life energy
and breathe out the unnecessary energy through this energy exchange.

How we cannot maintain our life without oxygen,

we cannot maintain life if we do not
take in life energy.

Life energy is the energy of the universe,
and is called “ki” or prana.

② Breathing while intending

When we take in energy through breathing,
the quality of energy we take in will differ

when we are breathing without thinking of anything
and when we are thinking of a certain domain.

In other words, we can take in the intended energy
while we breathe.

And as well,

the quality of the energy breathed out will differ

when we breathe out without thinking of anything
and when we breathe out thinking of certain domain.

By setting our mind on what we want to let go and breathe out,
we can let go the intended energy.

③ The Center of the Universe is the Central Sun

If there is energy, there is the center of it.
And in the center, there is the center of that as well.

The center of everything on Earth including ourselves is the Earth.
And, the center of our galaxy including the Earth is the Central Sun.

And the center of everything in this whole universe including the Central Sun
is the Great Central Sun.

The Great Central Sun is the most extreme center of us all,
located furthest from us,

and is said to be sending out the light of life energy
in all direction to every existence in the universe.

④ Central Sun and the Black Hole

Then what is actually there,
in the center of the galaxy which is our universe?

The answer is, a black hole.

Let us look at the Milky Way Galaxy where our Earth belongs.

In the center of it is a giant black hole called, “Sagittarius A”.
The vortex in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is actually a black hole.

That black hole sucks in matters in its surroundings by strong gravity,
and emits a part of that matter via gas jet.

Various planets in the galaxies and every matter that exists including us,
can be said to be emitted by the black hole.

The Central Sun in the spiritual field,
is actually the equivalent to the black hole.

This is how I take it as.

The Central Sun and the Black Hole are two sides of the same coin,
and the aspect of the Black Hole emitting, is the Central Sun.

It is said that the energy exchange is occurring inside of the black hole,
and cyclic operation to maintain the galaxy is being repeated.

If we were to put it to our body, a black hole would be the center of our circulatory system,
making it work as the heart of the galaxy.

However, the real interpretation
cannot be earned in the dimension we live on.

⑤ Light Breathing

Light breathing is a method

of washing out the unnecessary energy
to the Black Hole

by taking in life energy and certain necessary energy
from the Central Sun

with this concept understood.

Now, onto the Light Breathing explanation.

(1) Place the Central Sun in the image of the bright, shining sun,
20~30cm in front of your nose.

(2) In the same way, place the Black Hole,
20~30cm in front of your mouth.

(3) As to take in energy from the Central Sun,
Breathe in from your nose and send out light throughout your body.

It will work better if you imagine your whole body
shining with the gold light coming in the meanwhile.

(4) Send out the unnecessary energy to the Black Hole
As to purge it from your whole body while breathing out from your mouth.

Meanwhile, it may work more if you imagine being lighter
With the heavy and dark energy leaving your whole body.

Breathing in the light of the Central Sun, and sending the unnecessary things to the Black Hole,
are the only steps of the Light Breathing Method.

And, while you are breathing in the light,
it makes it possible to take in the certain energy
if you make it clear what energy you want to take in.

For example, the energy to become beautiful,
Or the energy to succeed in work,

Or if you intend on what you want to let go,
while breathing out the unnecessary things, you will be able to let that go.

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