【Channelling ②】How to Find Out the Planet of Your Origin

① The Majestic History of the Souls

The history of our souls, like the mystery of the universe,
lies within a majestic-scaled story.

13.7 billion years ago, from Big Bang was the Universe born,
and from the Universe, many planets and many life forms were born.

As how planets have duration of life,
all life forms repeat the death and life and continue to evolve,

at times, moving in between planets, to repeat the lessons of the souls.

However, no matter how much you wish to know the history of the souls,
most of them are covered with the veils of the mystery,

and for us who cannot even grasp the past lives on this Earth,
it would be difficult to travel back the history outside of this Earth,

but it is not impossible to receive parts of that information.

Because, in our subconscious minds and the library of the universe called Akashic,
the information of the souls’ path is recorded.

② Most of Us are Star Seeds

Before anyone realized, a word called Star Seed was born.

It refers to those who have souls originating in planets other than the Earth,
and gives impression of as if souls more evolved than those of the Earth,

but I personally believe that many of the people existing on Earth
come from the universe, so,

in a way, many of those on Earth are Star Seeds.

③ Gate Planets that are Connected to Earth

I believe many of you would like to know which planet you are from.

Distinctive planets you were at before reincarnating to the Earth are
Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, and Arcturus,

but there are actually many other planets of origin.

In my channelling course,
I try to receive which planets my students are from in the beginning,

but there are many who come from planets other than those distinctive ones.

And of course, before reincarnating to Earth,
there are many cases that come to Earth via other distinctive planets such as Sirius and Pleiades.

I receive the reasons to be like this.
If I were to give an example, like a university.

In the universities, there are many students who come from all over the country.
And by graduating that universe, they become the University Grads.

For example, existences who gathered to Sirius by reincarnating from various planets,
after experiencing and learning the lessons of the soul,

to practice the wisdom and for further evolution of the soul, they reincarnate to Earth.

Distinctive planets such as Sirius and Arcturus are what we call,
Gate Planets which become entrances leading to the Earth.

④ 8th Chakra is the Key

When receiving the information of the universe,
many of you may be using the 6th or the 7th chakras,

but for receiving the information of the universe of the history of the souls,
the most effective chakra would actually be the 8th chakra.

The 8th chakra is a chakra also known as the soul star,
and is located about 10~25cm above the 7th chakra.

It is a chakra in the border of the universe and a personal field,
and is connected directly to the universe than the 7th chakra,

that when this chakra starts functioning, you will start to be enlightened,
and will be able to receive information of the universe
which you were not able to before.

⑤ Better Not To Have Stereotype

You do not need any essential knowledge to receive the planet of your origin.
Rather, I believe it is easier to receive if you do not have such knowledge.

For example, if you have a stereotype of thinking yourself to be from the Orion,
it may possibly hinder receiving correct information about the planet.

Try as much as you can to get rid of the stereotype,
and try to feel at a neutral state.

The information you weren’t able to receive,
will come to you as a hinting message for you to easily understand.

For example, like Ophiuchus or near Lyra.

And, after receiving the information, do a research based on that hint on your origin.
You will probably start seeing the planet that you think is right.

⑥ How to Find Out the Planet of Your Origin

Well now, I will introduce the method to find out the planet of your origin.

(1)Close your eyes, and intentionally place your mind on the 7th chakra on top of your head.

(2)From the 7th chakra, moving the point of your conscious mind little by little,
to find the 8th chakra.

The 8th chakra is located about 10~25cm above your head, where you can see
the lights gathering, and where your mind attaches like a magnet and gets placed.

(3)360 degrees surrounding the 8th chakra, place a planetarium.
It’s the image of placing yourself in the middle of the universal globe.

(4)With your conscious mind at the 8th chakra, order to the Universe.
“Please let me know of the planet of my origin.”

Receive instinctively the information coming in, with your thoughts on hold.

(5)After Receiving the Information
Bring back your conscious mind to the 7th chakra, and open your eyes.

It may be a little hard to intend on the 8th chakra,

but when you get used to it, you will notice that you are able to receive information
in a totally different sense from the chakras of your physical body.

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