Deepening the Partnership Love – Flower Gift Method

① People Who Are Fit for this Work

First of all, this method is a work for the ongoing love relationship
or those who are married to deepen the partnership,

so if your relationship hasn’t begun yet, or has ended already,
or if it is a one-way love, please do not work on this method.

Although it hasn’t quite reached to the point of love, if you both are attracted to each other,

or are in an unofficial relationship
that can be acknowledged as such,

or if you still have feelings towards each other in an ended relationship,
and still feel the connection, you can give it a try.

The point is, you need to determine whether the counterpart’s heart
is opened towards you or not.

The reason is because if the counterpart’s mind is not facing your way,
or is rejecting or is shut, you cannot expect the result of this work method.

If it is hard for you to determine whether the counterpart’s heart is opened or not,
you can do the work once to check and feel the situation.

This work is an effective method to improve your relationship,
as well as when problems occur, or when things are not going right between the relationship.

And as you continue this work, the purity of your love will intensify, making the connection stronger.

② The Reason to Use Flowers

This work uses flowers as a gift.

The reason for using flowers is because
flowers always hold positive powers.

The time to deepen their roots, growing the stems and the flowers to bloom
is way longer than the actual blooming time,

and for those flowering plants, blooming moments are the biggest joy
and are the time to show their beauty, uniqueness and shine the most.

By this concentrated feelings, blooming flowers hold the power

of making the wishes true, or joy and beauty,
as well as opening up things.

I believe we can say that we are encouraged or healed
by having flowers in the space or just by looking at them,

or that flowers are used as gifts and as ways of expressing joy,
because the flowers hold such powers.

③ Flower Gift Method

Now, I would like to explain the Flower Gift Method.

(1) Imagine that your counterpart is standing in front of you.

Now check to see whether the counterpart’s heart is open or not.

If you feel/see it completely shut, please stop this exercise now.
Even if it is not wide open, if it is a little open or half-way open, you may continue.

(2) Imagine that your heart and your counterpart’s heart is connected with one road.
Now check the state of that road.

Is the road bright? Is it stretching straight?
Any obstacles on the road? How is the weather?
Are there flowers or green plants? How about birds or insects?
Are they vivid?

(3) When you check the state, imagine that with the sunlight shining down
the whole road is shining brightly.

If it doesn’t get bright, do not force it to get bright.
If there are obstacles or rain clouds, intend them to disappear or be washed out.

(4) From the door or your heart, imagine a mini-sized you
walking to the center of that road.

How do you feel about it? Joy, fear, happiness, nervous, sadness….
Look into your true feelings.

(5) When you get to the center of the road, prepare the flower gift of love in your hands.
You’re free to choose the types of the flowers, colors, number, or decorations.

When doing this, please do not try to go into the other (counterpart’s) side of the road.
And choose flowers that expresses pure love, and not your desires or demands towards them.

If you had negative feelings when you looked into your true feelings earlier,
feel them cleansed by the flower powers.

(6) Call the counterpart’s name, and wait for your counterpart to appear.
If they appear and come close, give them the flower.
If they do not appear, or do not come close although they appeared, leave the flowers in the center of the road.

(7) Walk back the road when you leave the flowers, and close the door when the mini-sized you return to your heart.

That is it.

This work intensifies the purity of love and its power by repeating,
making it possible to change more into the love-based relationship and not ego.

And as you repeat, you may feel the road gradually cleaner
or may feel the change in weather, air, or wind.

You can plant flowers on the road to root,
but cut flowers hold instantaneous, strong life power,
so I recommend using cut flowers in this work.

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