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Why the Sixth Sense of Modern Humans Has Faded and Tips to Strengthen It – Relationship Between Hunger and Spirituality

① Modern Humans with Faded 6th Sense

Ancient people had more developed sixth sense than the modern people,
that they were said to be able to see the invisible, or hear the unheard,
or predict the future.

Then why, did the sixth sense fade, for the modern people?

First of all, lifeforms including humans,
develop the features they need to use, and the features they do not use will degenerate,
so by not needing to use it, the sixth sense can be said to have faded.

The factors I believe, are the mainly the next three elements.

(1) Informational Society

In modern times, whenever you want to know about something,
it is easy to find on your computers and smartphones,
that there are less opportunities to think on your own or to use your intuitions.

Many of the people will use their smartphones, before thinking,
to search for the answer, right at the moment a question arises.

And to check to see whether the answer they have researched,
they will do a further research on it rather than to judge by themselves.

For example, those in the time where there was no information on weather forecast,
they were
predicting from the currents of the atmosphere, wind, humidity, etc. by using their intuitions.

Even just for a weather, to protect themselves from the fears of nature and their daily life,
they needed to use their intuitions.

In modern days, along with the development of technologies,
the answers are always on the Internet,
and it has become a world of not needing to think.

If this stays the same, the size of the brain of the people in the future
will grow even smaller than the modern people,
and along with the fading of the functions of the brain, the sixth sense may be lost.

(2) Fertile in Foods

It’s just within a several decades that the people became able to
obtain food without any worries,

that the history of the human beings can be said as a history of the famine,
many of them were not able to consume enough nutrients.

but even then, what was the reason for their developed sixth senses?

One possible thing is, that by famine, the sixth sense might have been nurtured.

For example, even in Japan, those who experienced the wars,
have stronger mental and physical state, as well as energies and sharp insights,
than the current younger generations.

By experiencing hunger,
the life energy to live strongly is thought to have been nurtured.

Along with the carbohydrate diet, I eat only once a day,
and have been practicing autophagy of not eating for 16 hours,

but gradually, my physical and mental body has gotten stronger and healthier,
and I feel that the accuracy of my intuition has increased.

For example, I’m sure you have heard of the story
where the spirituality has gotten cultivated by undergoing a fasting.

In Japan, from ancient times, actions to awaken the spiritual abilities
by driving your physical and mental to the limit,
like fasting in the mountains or by 1,000 circumambulations.

They can be said as the awakening of the mind and body
by the sense of danger towards living.

Modern times are said to be the era of satiation.
Modern people are supposed to be physically fine with enough nutrients,

but as being able to live long, on the other hand,
many people are troubled by lifestyle related diseases and mental illness.

By fertility in foods, our physical and mental energies have gotten weak,
and maybe our sixth senses are getting weaker as well.

(3) Peaceful Era

This is closely related to the fertility in foods, but how
the peaceful era has continued can be thought to relate to the fading of the sixth sense.

The ancient people didn’t know when or where, or who or what will come attacking,
that they needed to have their intuitions active.

As how the sixth senses of the animals living in the law of the jungle are developed,
the state of being next to the critical danger was developing the human sixth senses.

I cannot say for the whole planet,
but still the modern days have become much peaceful compared to the past,
but at the same time, it can be thought that the sixth senses of the humans are fading.

② Tips on Strengthening the Sixth Sense

For the reasons above, an efficient method to strengthen the sixth senses,

first, not to depend so much on information,
and intentionally use your own judging and thinking powers.

Intuition is a part of the brain function,
so by activating your brain, you can inevitably strengthen your intuition.

And, although it is important to take in nutrients,
but sixth sense tends to awaken by having sense of danger, more or less,

so you can try making time for periodical fasting, or autophagy,
to feel your hunger.

Also, sixth senses tend to awaken under abnormal, special situations,
so it may be good to experience something to cause change physically and mentally sometimes.

For example, try climbing a physically a-bit-difficult mountain,
or exercise until you think you will collapse.
The key point is to drive your physical and mental to their limits.

There is something like fight or flight response,
where people can awaken their hidden powers,
under situations where they are driven to their limits or feel a sense of danger.

In that sense, asceticism can be said as effective for spirituality development.

Other than that, you can spend days in the nature to shut out information,

or go to foreign countries, though it may be a bit difficult these days,
to experience culture shock to stimulate your minds,
may lead to growing your sixth senses.

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